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3 Seller mistakes to avoid 


1. Overvaluing your property

Putting an overly ambitious value on your home can attract potential deterrent buyers who will be researching similar properties in your area. An overpriced home typically performs poorly on the market. They linger on the need for a long time and put genuine buyers off making an offer.

Appointing a great real estate agent is the best way to prevent this mistake. A good agent will advise you on the best marketing techniques to attract buyers to your property. A good agent will suggest listing your property for an Auction to stimulate competition between buyers. This strategy may actually result in higher than expected bidding and higher sale price when done correctly.

2. Listing your property before it's prepared for sale.

Many amateur home sellers don't understand the importance of making their home look as appealing as possible before putting it up for sale and presenting your property to potential buyers before you've thoroughly cleaned and spruced. It is a traditional way to lose money on your home. While some sellers go all the way and employ a professional stylist to do the job for them, just taking care of the basics can be enough to get you across the line. Is the garden neat and tidy? have the walls had a coat of paint recently? Is there anything that needs doing around the place you've been putting off?

Sure, it seems like a bit of a hassle to begin with, but the costs of not dressing your property for sale can be huge. Also, don't even think about having promotional photos of your home done until you've touched up the significant parts of your property that are showing wear and tear. Please pay particular attention to the front of your home as it's likely that there will be quite a few potential buyers driving by to check it out.

3. Not comparing agents

Question: What's worse than losing money? 

Answer: Having a dodgy agent lose it for you!

It's a fundamental truth that real estate, like many other professions, has its fair share of shady dealers who are solely interested in their financial gain. For this reason alone, choosing your agent based on a highly quoted value can be a massive mistake.

Many agents who quote high property values and over-promise results are poor negotiators. Since the primary skill you are looking for in an agent is their ability to negotiate the best market price for your home, these tactics should serve as a warning sign rather than an incentive for your business. Many home sellers are horrified by their agent's things or done to sell their home quickly and reap a fast return for themselves. Classic horror stories include the agent revealing confidential information about the seller's need for a quick sale and deliberately encouraging buyers to put in an offer at a low price. Taking the time to research your intended agent and compare them to others in your area is vital to avoid this classic home seller mistake. Please don't wait until you have signed up an agent before doing your homework on them.





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